Window treatments add a perfect finishing touch to any room. If you're designing an artistic, modern home, you want to choose window treatments that have character of their own. This doesn't have to mean going with the brightest prints or flashiest styles. In fact, there are many simple, eco-friendly window treatment options that will add to your artistic decor while also reducing your impact on the environment. Use these ideas as inspiration as you choose window treatments for your home.

Wood blinds add a natural element to colorful rooms.

If your room is painted with bright colors like red, blue and green, it's nice to add a subdued, natural touch to prevent the color from feeling too overwhelming. Natural wood blinds can provide that touch. Whether you choose light or dark wood blinds, you can relax knowing they are made from natural materials.

If you decide to get rid of them one day, they'll break down easily in a landfill instead of sitting there for ages like plastic and vinyl blinds do. Horizontal mini-blinds are great for bedrooms and bathrooms, while larger, vertical wooden blinds add style to living rooms.

Bamboo blinds are even more sustainable than wood.

For those who are particularly concerned about forest destruction, bamboo provides an even more sustainable choice. Bamboo grows much more quickly than trees, making it easy to replant after it has been harvested. They appear similar to wood shades, but have a very smooth texture that works well with modern decor. You can also find bamboo mini shutters if you prefer a more solid window covering.

Organic cotton drapes are a simple, yet elegant choice.

If you like the look of traditional drapery, organic cotton is a great material to choose. Many drapes are made from synthetic materials, which release pollutants into the atmosphere during production. Even conventional cotton is not great for the environment, since it requires to many pesticides to grow successfully.

Organic cotton drapes allow you to add a splash of color to your room -- they come in many colors and patterns. You can create a simple look by using just valences, or use long curtain panels for more privacy.

Plain pieces of cotton material add accents when draped over curtain rods.

If you want to add a unique touch to your windows, consider topping long drapes with a few pieces of plain, organic cotton fabric. Buy a few yards of organic cotton in the color of your choice from a local fabric store, and then simply drape it over, or wind it around your curtain rods. It adds a unique, artistic touch to your room with minimal effort.

Insulating shades lower your heating bills in cold climates.

Homes lose a lot of heat through their windows during the winter months. Insulating shades are designed to trap the heat inside your home. They're an eco-friendly choice because they reduce your energy consumption.

Insulating shades don't tend to be the most attractive of window treatments, so you may want to top them with long panel curtains or at least attractive valences. When shopping for these shades, pay attention to the materials from which they are made. Look for ones made from biodegradable fabrics such as hemp, organic cotton and rattan, rather than from plastic. Make sure the shades you buy are long enough to cover the entire window -- this is the secret to good insulation.

Window treatments not only add character to your home, but they also provide privacy and perhaps even a barrier against the cold. Choose the right treatments, and your room will come to life with color and vitality.