The right window treatments can really pull a room together. Yet it can be a challenge to maintain them if you have young children in the house. Instead of just going with what is convenient, though, you can have both the décor you like as well as an easy-maintenance window cover. The following advice can help you make the best choice.

#1: Safety first

Safety is your first concern when there are kids in the house. Avoid drapes or blinds that have hanging cords. These can become entangled around small children, resulting in an injury or suffocation hazard. Heavy rods that aren't securely fastened to a stud should also be avoided since a child can pull these down. You may also want to avoid drapes that hang to the floor if you have a child that likes to climb.

#2: Colors and patterns matter

Messes are also a concern. Even in a relatively clean home, children will like touch the window treatments. Although not a major concern like safety, you don't want to be cleaning constantly. Dark colors or patterns work best to hide fingerprints and small stains. At the very least, avoid white and cream colors since these show the dirt the easiest.

#3: Material considerations

The material is another thing to consider when looking at window treatments. For drapes and curtains, fabrics that are machine washable are best since you can clean these at home. You can even get treated fabrics that allow you wipe off small stains with a damp cloth. For blinds, opt for vinyl or wood. Yes, these can get dusty, but they are less likely to suffer damage like aluminum since they are too thick for a child to bend. You can also wipe vinyl and wood blinds down easily with a damp cloth or your favorite all-purpose cleaner.

#4: Consider bold and simple

Instead of complicated window treatments with multiple layers, tie-backs, and swags, opt for something simple but classy. Wooden blinds or plantation shutters can look lovely and stylish on a window with no further décor. For a softer look, opt for white slats on the shutters or blinds. You can further add to the design by hanging a curtain panel in your color of choice. These can be swapped out relatively inexpensively when you need to clean them or you simply want to update your look.

For more help, talk to a window treatment company, like, in your area.