If your home suffered major damage from a bad storm and flood, then you'll want a cleanup company to get started on restoration right away. Drying out your home quickly is crucial for saving your personal belongings and limiting water damage to your house and furnishings. Fortunately, emergency restoration services are often available 24-hours a day so they can respond quickly to an emergency. Here are some things that may need done immediately.

Stop The Flooding

If water is in your home due to a rising river, there may not be much that can be done if sandbags can't hold back the water. However, if your home is flooding due to a pipe or plumbing fixture that was damaged in the storm, then steps can be taken immediately to stop the water and begin the drying out process. Also, if water is still getting inside due to rain coming in broken windows or a hole in the roof, then these areas should be covered and temporarily patched over as soon as it is safe.

Add Home Security

If you need to leave your home to be safe, the company can help you board up doors and windows if necessary to keep intruders out while the home is vacant. Looters are all too common during natural disasters and you don't want all your valuables stolen because your door was blown down by the storm.

Provide Alternate Power

You may be without power for a long time after a big storm and that makes it difficult to clean up water damage or even see well enough to assess your house. The restoration company can bring in generators to provide power for lighting and to operate wet vacs, fans, and dehumidifiers.

Sanitize Your Home

Flooding from a clean-water pipe isn't as dangerous as floodwater from a river as long as it is cleaned up right away. Even clean water becomes toxic if it sits long enough and stagnates. Drying out your home is the first priority. Sanitizing it is also a big concern. All surfaces in contact with floodwater must be cleaned since water from a river or urban flooding is contaminated. Your home may also need to be decontaminated due to mold growth. A restoration company makes sure your home is completely safe in every way before you return.

While it may take days or weeks to fully restore your home if you have to replace drywall and carpet, getting to work quickly on the important matters can make a big difference in how well the restoration process goes and how much it costs. Don't delay calling for help, especially after a storm when many others may need help too.