If a dermatologist recently diagnosed you with adult-onset sun allergy, you may want to protect your skin as much as possible during the day. But if you love to garden or spend time on your patio, you may have problems keeping out of the sun. The information below can help you understand more about adult-onset allergies and how you can protect your skin when you venture out in your yard.

What's Adult-Onset Sun Allergy?

Adult-onset sun allergy (photosensitivity) is a condition that shows up later on in life. Although it isn't exactly clear why some adults become oversensitive to sunlight and other people don't, some sources think that heredity may be a possible reason for it. Some types of sun allergies appear to run in families, including polymorphous light eruption and photoallergic eruption. 

The conditions above can cause a red, itchy rash to show up on skin directly exposed to sunlight. Some sun allergies may also cause blisters or wheals to pop up on the skin. The rashes, wheals, or blisters can become worse before they subside. In some cases, other symptoms may occur in the skin, including chills and headaches.

Although there are medications to control the rashes, some people must take extra care or precautions with their skin when they venture out in the sun. 

How Do You Stay Safe While Outside Your Home?

If you're like many people who suffer from sun allergies, you still want to spend time outdoors, especially in your own yard. You can do so if you set up protective "shields" on your property. One of the things you can do is place canvas canopies over your patio, garden, and other favorite places. 

Canopies come in many sizes to meet your needs, including large and medium. The structures don't block out sunlight completely, but they can reduce the amount of sunlight you receive. Some canopy products may come with special chemicals in the material that block the sun's rays and light completely. However, you must inquire about these types of products when you shop for your canopies. 

You may need to hire a company like EVANS AWNING to set up your canopies for you. A contractor or home and garden specialist may be able to do it for you. If you need to set up your canopies yourself, do so in the evening when there's less sunlight. 

You can learn more information about canvas canopies and how they can help you by contacting a home and gardening specialist today.